Times Tables Learning/Intervention Program
(developed for Brewers Hill Middle School, Bedfordshire)

A classroom proven program of 34 weekly tests that promote the learning and rapid recall of multiplication and division facts surrounding the 12 times tables, complete with Fantasy Soccer score posters, certificates of achievement, pupil handouts, tests and instructions.

Download the full printable schools program from our TES resources


 Get started by printing off pupil worksheets, posters etc...  once the program is set up you can either use the printable worksheets or use  the new online self marking timed tests to practice at home or to conduct the weekly classroom tests on laptops.

Online Timed Tests

Week 1a

Week 6

Week 11

Week 17

Week 23

Week 29

Week 1b

Week 7

Week 12

Week 18

Week 24

Week 30

Week 2

Week 8

Week 13

Week 19

Week 25

Week 31

Week 3

Week 9a

Week 14

Week 20

Week 26

Week 32

Week 4

Week 9b

Week 15

Week 21

Week 27

Week 33

Week 5

Week 10

Week 16

Week 22

Week 28*

Week 34

or simply use it at home to improve your maths skills

Just keep a record of your results from tests 1a and 1b then keep practicing until you can beat the timer for each test before moving on to the next one, at the end of the program you will re-do the tests that you started with, in order that you can see how much you have improved.