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How to re-use known multiplication facts

When multiplying larger numbers you can often use allready known facts about,muliplying.
   Multiply  36 x 15  

First you split the 15 so you have an easier calculation by using the facts you allready know about multiplying by 10,  all you have to do then is multiply
   So 36 x 10.

  - It is always a good idea to look at a calculation before you get started, to see if you can apply any easy to use previously known facts-   x 10  adds a place holder  15 x 10 150,   x 5 is one half of x 10

   So your rewritten calculation should look like this.

  36 x 10 = 360
      36 x 5 = 360/2
            = 180

Now you are ready to add your two answers together to get your final answer.


If you are struggling with  these numbers you can practice multiplying by 10 and then practice dividing by 2.

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