Holiday costs-


Here is part of a price chart for a caravan park in Cornwall, prices given are per caravan, you need to work out some prices .






Work out for people sharing for nights in


  Each person pays  

  A 10% deposit will be  

  The final balance will be  



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How to solve the caravan price problem

Use the price chart provided to find the information you will need,.
  3 people sharing for 7 nights in July 
  So your calculation to find the cost of each person should be the price for 7 nights in July 
336 divided by the number of people sharing the caravan 4

                                                     336.00 + 4                                                      
  Using the carrying method  4 does not go into 3 so you carry the 3 to the next digit to the right making 33

  - The neater the columns are the less likeley you are to  make any mistakes when adding the columns together.

Now 4 goes into 33 eight times with a remainder of 1, so you place an 8 above the 33 and carry the 1.

Finally you have 4 into 16 which is 4 with no remainder.

So 336 between four people is 84 each.

The deposit of 10% is easiest to solve by converting to the equivalent fraction 10/100 and simplifying to 1/10. You now apply the rule of digits moving one place to the right when dividing decimals by 10

                                            becomes 33.60
 So the deposit for this holiday is 33.60.

The final balance is the difference between the holiday price and the deposit, so you need to subtract 33.60 from 336.00 (note the place holders for the pence columns are needed for this calculation).


 Using the column method the hundredths column is empty, so you have 0, in the tenths column you have 0-6 which is not possible here, so you need to borrow 1 from the column to the left, which means the 6 becomes 5 and the 0 in the tenths column becomes 10 now 10-6 =4. In the units column you have 5-3=2, in the tens column you have 3-3=0 and finally in the hundreds column you have 3-0=3.

So the final balance will be 302.40


Practice answering some more questions using your calculator.

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