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Lesson 2



Summer term

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How to add tenths to decimal fractions

First you need to convert the tenths to a decimal fraction,.
  Three tenths + 5.3  
  So you start by looking at 
three tenths and converting it to a decimal fraction.

  One tenth = 0.1 so three tenths are 0.1 x 3 = 0.3

You are now able to do your calculation 0.3 + 5.3

 So your answer is 5.6  

- Rules for converting tenths to decimal fractions- To convert a tenth into a decimal fraction you simply multiply by 0.1 you need to remember there are 10 tenths in one whole one- ie 12 tenths is therefore 1.2 as 10 tenths is one and 2 tenths is 0.2


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Adding tenths to a number


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