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How to multiply money

First you need to choose a suitable method of multiplication thatworks for decimal numbers,.
  We have chosen column multiplication for 12.25 x 15
  Start by placing the decimal number on the top row of the calculation 
12.25 and the multiplier 15 on the next row of the calculation. Then you put a place holding 0 in the hundredths column of your answer as you are multiplying by 10 and  put the decimal point in the correct place ( beneath the one above ). You then multiply 12.25 by 1 writing your answer to the left of the place holding 0


  - Rules for column multiplication- To multiply decimal numbers using the column method you need to make sure you keep the digits in the right columns or you will be wrong. You will also need to remember to put the place holding  0 in the top row of the calculation when multiplying by more than 10 .

You now need to multiply  12.25 by 5 in the next row of the answer with no place holder this time as 5 is less than 10 and put the decimal point in before you start multiplying. The numbers in red below the calculation show the carrying that has taken place as each column was multiplied by 5

Finally you add the two rows of your calculation together to get the final answer to the question  122.50 + 61.25 which is 183.75. Remember you may need to carry when you are adding the two rows together if they are greater than 10.

Practice answering some more questions using your calculator.

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Muliplying Money-