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Round to the nearest whole number


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How to round decimals to the nearest whole number

First you look at the digits after the decimal place, and apply the rules of rounding,.
  Round 3.82 to the nearest whole number  
  So you start by looking at 
82 and apply the rules of rounding to the nearest 100

  Which gives you 100 as 82 is larger than 50

  - Rules for rounding numbers with two decimal places- To round a number with two decimal places to the nearest whole number, you use rounding to the nearest hundred on the digits after the decimal place, ie  3.82 you need to round 82 to the nearest hundred, which is 100 if you end up with 0 the answer is rounded down and if you end up with 100 the answer is rounded up by 1.

You have 100 so you need to round the number to the left of the decimal place up by 1

 Which gives you 3 + 1 = 4 so your answer is 4                                                       

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