Year 6 Maths

Summer term
Block A
Lesson 2

Autumn term
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Find the diffence between these temperstures


a) o and o = o
b) o and o = o
c) o and o = o
d) o and o = o
e) o and o = o


How to find temperature differences

To find the difference between two positive temperatures, you just take the smaller one away from the largr one.
  The difference between 7 and 12 is 12 - 7 = 5  
To find the difference between two negative temperatures, you just add them together, remembering that + - is the same as - .
  The difference between -7 and -12 is -7 + (-12) = -7 - 12 = -19  

To find the difference between a positive and a negative temperature, you need to count down to 0 and then carry on counting downwards until you reach the number that you require.
  So the difference between 6 and -8 is from 6 to 0 is 6 and then from 0 to -8 is another 8 which means the difference between the two numbers is 6 + 8 = 14


Check your answers using your calculator.

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