Number Sequences Worksheet-


Find the next six numbers in the sequence


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How to Subtract numbers from each other in your head

First you subtract the tens column and store your answer to one side in your head,.
   98 - 67  
  So you start by subtracting 
60 from 98 which is 38 and remember this part of the answer.  

  - Rules for Subtracting in your head- Always start with the largest value column you have ie- the tens column in a two digit number and the hundreds column in a three digit number.

You then subtract the units column 7 from the 38 which you have stored in your head.

So you are now left with 38 - 7 which is 31


So you will need to practice this method as it takes a while to perfect.                                              


Practice answering some more questions using your calculator.

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