Year 4 Maths worksheets
Autumn Term
Circles-Level 1         Squares-Level 1-2          Ovals-Level 2-3

Block A

Block B

Block C

Block D

Block E

L1 Partitioning

L1 Multiples of 10/100


L1 Mental addition

L1 9 times table

L2 Mental Maths

L2 Multiples of 10/100


L2 Mental subtraction

L2 Multiples of 9

L3 Adding 10's

L3 Number investigation



L3 7 times table

L4 Calculator workout

L4 Making numbers



L4 Multiples of 7

L5 Negative Numbers





L6 Number sequences

L6 6 times table




L7 Times Tables

L7 Multiples of 6




L8 Division

L8 8 times table




L9 x, / By 10 or 100

L9 Multiples of 8




L10 Doubling & Halving






























Basic Maths Skills Practice



12 x Tables